“It is with the utmost appreciation for all the financial support and attention for my family, myself, and our situation that you all have given to us.
I am going to list some of the things that you have done for us. Assistance with mortgage payments, utilities, medical bills, automobile payments, and more.

Since my second stroke December 3, 2017, and my diagnosed prostate cancer in January 2018 we have had our electricity, water, gas, and internet disconnected. Every time someone from the Fund was there to help, and the situation was resolved in a timely manner.

We appreciate everything, and if my business ever improves, we will try to repay all things given to us, or make donations to the fund so you can help others in the future that may need help.

This help has been a big relief to our mental outlook on life, and again we cannot thank you enough for all the assistance.”

Anna and Cody Foley

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