“My late husband, Jerry’s health struggles were long and difficult, as many of you gave witness. His battle with fibrosis of the lungs was not just a physical battle, it was an emotional and financial battle as well. Many of you have probably witnessed others go through a similar health crisis. Jerry loved the shipping industry. It was his belief that the people gave purpose and meaning to the job and they were what made the industry work. It was with this thought in mind that Jerry had a dream to form a fund specifically designed to support industry personnel and their families during times of medical crisis.

The fund later came to be known as The Maritime Workers Emergency Medical Fund. It was his colleagues who picked up on the idea, committed to it, nurtured it and developed it into what it is today. Little did Jerry, nor I, suspect that we would be the first recipients of this generosity. I am delighted that the fund is still in place and that people in the industry are still benefitting from the generosity of its contributors. I am thankful that Jerry’s colleagues are still committed to the dream. I am SO proud to be a part of this very worthy and valuable program that keeps on giving.”

Linda Nagel