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Jason Strickland

"I wanted to let you know that I received the assistance check yesterday evening. My wife and I are at her pre-op visits today and are preparing for her surgery on November 13th. The assistance that y'alls organization has provided allows us to focus more on her care and recovery than on the financial crisis that we would have been left in. There are no [...]

Jason Strickland2018-12-11T20:43:53-06:00

Judith Okani Brown

"Life can be such an uphill battle. Therefore, when you encounter a group who helps make the climb easier, you can do nothing but feel endless appreciation. My original diagnosis of breast cancer was in 2009. I was blessed enough to go into remission in 2010. This year, I came out of remission and to make things more complicated, the cancer spread. So many thoughts [...]

Judith Okani Brown2018-12-11T20:13:31-06:00

Linda Nagel

"My late husband, Jerry's health struggles were long and difficult, as many of you gave witness. His battle with fibrosis of the lungs was not just a physical battle, it was an emotional and financial battle as well. Many of you have probably witnessed others go through a similar health crisis. Jerry loved the shipping industry. It was his belief that the people gave purpose [...]

Linda Nagel2018-12-11T20:14:19-06:00
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